Fishing in Porvoo

Pernajanlahti bay with its archipelago is one of the biggest inner bays in the Gulf of Finland. Its unique trademark is its varied salinity. River Koskenkylänjoki has nearly fresh water, wheres southern parts of the bay have all sort of salinity levels. Those areas host several nature reserves, and as such, have a great variety of birds and animals. In spring, the amount of birds grows exponentially as they are drawn there in search of nesting areas. Among those birds are white-tailed eagle and osprey. In fall, water in the bay is cold, which is when you can spot grey seals, seeking food. In addition, the depths are so varied, that any fishing trip is that much more interesting.

Due to such rich varieties and constant changes, it's incredibly important to consult a professional fishing guide who has all necessary informartion about the area. All of our guides are true professionals. They are constantly checking any changes and fish movements so that they know precisely where to fish for the best catch.

Most common fishing method is spin fishing. But our guides have other methods at their disposal as well. If you're interested, we also offer jigging and pike fishing with jerkki and shade.

Potential catch includes sea perch, pike and sander for spin fishing near beaches and shores. Trolling is possible in both the archipelago, and the open sea, where you most often catch trout and salmon.

Price - 700 €
Duration - 7 hours
For - 1-5 people

Price includes: VAT, fishing trip with a guide on a motor boat, fishing equipment, fishing licenses, petrol.

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Happy fishing!