State license for fishing in Finland

License for fishing in Finland

In order to fish in Finland, one must have a state licence (valtion kalastusksenhoitomaksu).

Those under 18 or over 65 years of age do not require a license, but they should have a valid personal ID when fishing.

If fishing happens on a private lake, in addition to the state license one must also have a permit from the lake owner.

Penalty for not having a license is 50€.

State license for fishing in 2018.

Ice fishing with bait, worm fishing with a rod, or catching the Baltuc herring do not cost anything. After acquiring a license, fishermen can fish with a single rod and a bait anywhere in Finland.

State license does not give permission to fish in flow areas of migration routes or in areas forbidden by ELY-centers.

For other fishing methods, in addition to state license, one must have a permit from the owner of the waters. This includes fishing with equipment and using multiple rods.

Price of state license for fishing in 2018: 45€ for one calendar year, 15€ for 7 days, 7€ for 1 day. Commission fee: 2€ per license.

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