Fishing in Lahti

We offer fishing tours with professional guides in the region of Lahti, on lake Vesijärvi. Vesijärvi is a large lake of 180km2 and one of the richest fish lakes in southern Finland. The lake has plenty of smaller cosier bays with beautiful islands and open spaces. This type of fishing is suitable for both seasoned fishermen and complete beginners.

Your potential catch may include:
pike, trout, whitefish, vendace, smelt, common roach, common rudd, asp, tench, common bleak, bream, crucian, char, burbot, stickleback, bullhead, perch, pike perch, ruff.

Price - 230 €
Duration - 5 hours
People - 3 to 4

Price includes: VAT, fishing trip with a guide on a motor boat, fishing equipment, fishing license, petrol. For more information, contact us at

Happy fishing!