Fishing in Finland

Planning a fishing trip to Finland? What an excellent idea! Organised by us, it is a complete package of vacationing comfortably in Finnish nature.

To visit Finland and not try fishing is an unforgivable mistake. Finland boasts 187888 lakes and 1100km of coastline - all of which is open for fishing. Just pick a place where you want to rest and to fish, and the catch is guaranteed!

Did you know that fishing is a type of meditation? It's an effective method of escaping daily hustle and bustle, a chance to be alone in the peaceful atmosphere of breath-taking nature.

Fishing in Finland with us means:

  • private fishing tours for individuals and corporates, any time of the time, on a simple rowing boat or a specialized fishing motor boat
  • non-professional fishing by yourself or with a fishing guide
  • help with purchasing a fishing license as well as with the necessary paperwork (payment possible also in Russian rubles)
  • fishing equipment rental
  • only verified fishing spots with a map of real catch possibilities
  • comfortable lake cottage accommodation
  • transfer and other additional services

Welcome to excellent fishing trip to Finland. Best tasting fish is the one you caught yourself!